[FFXI] Seekers of Adoulin Colonization Maps

Colonization Maps

Due to time commitments and other issues, I will no longer be adding HELM points and lost articles to subsequent maps, unless someone can provide them on a map to me and I can just subsume all the information from it.

last update (19112013): Woh added.
seems like my host is having some shitty problems. if so, you can try using the colonization maps mirror page, or find a mirror at bg-wiki tho I'm not sure how updated it is.

Hope you find this useful.

Ceizak Battlegrounds / Yahse Hunting Grounds

Foret de Hennetiel / Morimar Basalt Fields

Marjami Ravine / Yorcia Weald

Sih Gates / Moh Gates

Cirdas Caverns / Dho Gates

Kamihr Drifts / Woh Gates

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