15 July 2008

Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox360

A new FFXIII trailer is out. This one is from the ongoing E3 event in the US...
I'm most disappointed by Square Enix because FFXIII is no longer a PS3 exclusive title but will also be released on XBox360 for the US launch.
I can understand that they realise the 360 has a stronger installed base in the US, but this is FFXIII, and its franchise name is powerful enough to pull people over to the PS3. Furthermore, (the trailer says Available on Xbox360 at launch in US/Europe and mentions nothing about PS3 but I'm pretty sure it will still be on the PS3, but.. vague terminology. this is SE we're talking about anyway) why should they compromise on the quality of the experience?

The XBox360 is definitely the inferior system compared to the PS3 spec/graphics-wise, tho the difference should be fairly minimal because the Crystal Tools engine they're using to develop this is the same anyway.. but lets face it. Blu Ray disc totally > DVD, and I'm certain FFXIII isn't going to fit into 1 DVD (Lost Odyssey used 4 after all). There also the issue of HD quality for FMVs... and I think the choice should be clear that a PS3 exclusive is better than spending more money on going multi-platform.

Financially, SE has no need to pander to XBOX gamers in this way. FFXI is already making millions for the company and project Rapture will no doubt do the same. The MMORPG is the new cash cow, just like the casino component is in any hotel resort. Compromising anywhere else with that in place is just.. a baffling choice.

This is why I'm seriously disappointed in Square Enix. It may be due in part to the fact that I am also a Sony fanboy and I did buy my PS3 for the sole purpose of knowing I will be playing FFXIII on it. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only irate one too.. but I trust in time people will be able to see that the PS3 version is naturally superior even though they said in the interview both version are intended to be "exactly the same"

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