08 September 2008

FFXI Picture Update

This will be the first time I'm doing a FFXI Picture Update since I switched to
Blogger, but since theres such a huge time frame, I'll only be covering really briefly on the things that have been happening since the last update in June. And this is probably the best time, since the next update hits in 2hours.

Firstly, the missions that were added from the June update were really interesting. From more details about Cait Sith and then the new 'mission girl' Lilisette. The story is finally beginning to heat up but theres just very little being added. I hope there'll be more soon.

Of course, one of the main highlights of the update was the new ZNM system (which I made a picture summary guide on) and my LS proceeded to get straight into this...
We've killed quite a lot of these now, but still not that many tier IVs because of a lack of enthusiasm with reaching that tier somehow.

The other big thing that hit with the update was the first HNM from WotG, Dark Ixion. Now this guy is a totally different mob. Hes unique in that he can pop in various zones, and doesn't come with a HP bar initially. You can't simply pull him either. He can only be pulled by landing Stygian Ash on him first. All these are pretty novel ways of eradicating botting and claiming/holding issues with HNM. The actual fight is pretty easy tho, somewhat fun.. a little predictable after a while. My LS has killed him over 40 times by now so we're pretty familiar with him...

One thing that was somewhat 'ninja-ed' in was the introduction of Sandworm battlefields, or as NA will call it, Sandworm BCs. The NM Sandworm will actually draw players into a different zone using Doomvoid, a move that pays homage to the Zone Eater from FFVI... The NMs found inside can be pretty challenging to beat and offer up rather nice EQ. This addition to WOTG was most surprising and very welcome.

Other than that, event-wise, everything else has mostly been the same old. I did redeem my beautiful Harpsichord furnishing (from buying the Piano Collections CD). It plays nice San d'Oria music.

I also enjoyed some of the new seasonal events that they introduced. Sunbreeze was excellently pulled off this year. The carnival minigames were amazingly fun. And so was the Mumor thing, even if it felt a bit spammy.

On to some personal achievements in game... I finally cleared my Nyzul Isle disc after farming away all my tokens on Floor 100s. Ashay and Amador also cleared their discs too, leaving our set with 3/6 Runic Keys. The news of the Nyzul changes sure has rejuvenated our set tho. We can't wait to start on our final climb to 100 to clear off the 3 other keys. And we get our progress back too! Yay.

Meriting. I hate to merit, but since the Group 2 merit limit was expanded I finally got down to completing Thunderstorm and capping my SMN merits. Lv5 Thunderstorm is amazingly good. Base 900+ magical damage is a very nice addition to SMN's damage repertoire.

Finally, some other stuff my LS has been doing. I finally got to fight animated weapons for fragments used in getting Dynamis relics. They're quite interesting to fight. We got Suparnal Fragment for Kumaccio in this pic below.

I'd also like to congratulate Pastric and Kumaccio for both completing their Aegis relics. 2 more Aegis for the LS less than a month apart. And they all have Hauteclaires now. What a lovely sight.
3 Aegis PLDs... I think we're ready to take on AV now.. heh..

And thats all from this picture update. The next update needs to come, like now.

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