30 December 2008

FFXI Picture Update

I haven't done a FFXI picture update in a long while, and maybe its because it isn't as fun to do on Blogger as it was on Livejournal.. but 2008 is almost over and I really thought I should put down some pics and thoughts along with them before the new year comes.. and so I came up with this post.

In addition, Spira is into his 5th year now, as of 11th Dec 2008. Its quite amazing how I've actually been playing this game for 5 years, although there were many points between the start and now that I'd taken breaks from this game. Most notably would be the few months before this, when I didn't touch the game for around 2 months at all.

Either way, its quite strange for me to say that I've grown as a person within the game and from without. As Spira is my online persona, the experiences I gain from interacting with people there influence me in real life, and vice versa. I can honestly say that there are times when interacting with people in the virtual world has taught me to be a better person in real life. And its more than just chatroom etiquette, because there are things such as virtual items, virtual currency, and even virtual status at stake. Yes. It does sound pathetic saying it, but such stakes exist in every kind of community. The only difference here is that they are so much more easily identifiable...

Alright, on to a bunch of pics...

S-E introduced a bunch of new job specific weapon skills, and I was so excited about them I went ahead and unlocked 4 of them on the day of its release (thankfully I had the Runic Key and the base weapons I needed, and also friends willing to skill-up/break latent with me)... I gotta say, the animation for the new WS are so pretty.. and some of the WS are actually pretty strong.

Here's 2 pics I took at the time...

Next, being the mission-whore that I am, I've been quite to sink my teeth into the new missions and mission-quest episodes each time the updates hit. The Wings of the Goddess story has been building up pretty slowly but in the most recent update turned it up a couple of notches. Regardless, the cutscenes are spectacular and are among the best I've seen in the game thus far. As an added note, I'm actually excited about the next chapter of the missions to come after the recent batch of missions ended on a high note. Some pics I took of missions...


Professor Shantotto, as badass as ever.

Lilisette and Cait Sith

Lilisette is so cute and likeable.

Some baddies.

Not a screenshot, but Ultim.. um.. Lady Lilith here is one of the new main antagonists of the WotG story. She does look pretty mysterious and cool. Hopefully she'll be the final boss for the expansion, just so that FFXI will have a female expansion final boss for once.

I also took the time to do up the last quest in the Serpent Generals quest series. This series of quests was amazing. It helped to flesh out the characters a whole lot... As a reward for completing it, I also have an item to do battle with them in a Lv60 cap battlefield. Hopefully I can get to do that soon.

Being a little bored, and behind on the times, I decided to play a little catch up with the Fellowship NPC quests as well.

Elsewhere, the new Level Sync system is a godsend for EXP parties and here I am reaping in its benefits by capping down my SMN. I'm also all praises for the even newer Fields of Valor low level battle system as well as the new Treasure Caskets, but I didn't take pictures of that.

Did I also mention that the new Tuxedo equipment for males is really nice? The eyepatch from custom dungeon Maze Mongers is quite cool looking as well.

As with being in a HNMLS, I've been killing my fair share of HNMS too. Actually, I think our LS kills way more than our fair share.. but everyone's happy I think. I really enjoy it here.


more Dark Ixion

and more Sandworm

Finally, in keeping with the tradition of my annual Christmas season Bastok Fountain posed picture, here is me this year, as well as every year before that.

In closing, 2008 has been an uneventful year for Spira, seeing as he didn't do quite as much personally, but there have been many new quests, missions and NMs that have come by, that bring new flavor to the game.. even if Spira has remained relatively unchanged. But that is set to change, because I'll be officially working towards a mythic weapon, the Nirvana for my SMN, in 2009. It's gonna be a slow process but one that I know I will want to do. In addition, the lull period away from FFXI has led me to appreciate the game, in that it gives me entertainment and is a lot cheaper and some say healthier than many other things I've been doing recently.
So including a mythic weapon, here are my FFXI resolutions and wishlist for 2009, now that I think I'm going to be back in the game.

- Nirvana
- Marduk's Tiara
- Nashira Gages (Proto-Ultima hates me)
- Summoner's Horn (Dyna-Xarc also hates me)
- Duelist's Chapeau
- Dalmatica
- Valkyrie's Fork
- Askar Korazin (needs to drop.. damnit. currently 0/??)

Job and Skills
- new Avatar (lol, not really within my control)
- all subjobs to 37 (only MNK, PLD, RNG, BRD and COR left)
- cap RDM Grp 2 merits
- cap DRG merits
- cap BST and PUP merits
- possibly BLM to 55 for Retrace (or 60 so that I can wear AF)
- possibly WHM to 56 for Raise II as well as Recalls (or 60 for AF and RR2)
- Spiral Hell (BST)
- cap Scythe, Archery and Throwing skill
- cap Shield, Guard and Parrying (lol I know)

I guess thats probably it.
Happy holidays from Spira and Vana'diel, and goodbye to 2008.
Next up, real life resolutions...

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