12 January 2009

The Spirit is over town...

Theres this... song.. in Dissidia that is kinda catchy. Its called COSMOS. Comes with a relaxed rock vibe and sung in English that doesn't sound foreign. The lyrics however were obviously not written by someone who has English as a first language...

"The Spirit is over town, waiting for me to hit the floor
Blooming white sky for the voice of one calling tonight
Tonight fate is the red crown, the red crown around your door
Time is scattering the seeds of the mourning daylight"

The band that did this song is Your Favourite Enemies, apparently from Montreal.
The guy who sings has a very raw evocative voice. I guess thats what rock band singers are good at.

Anyway I don't even know why I like the song.. I guess its because its kinda melancholic.. I don't particularly like it that I would sing along, nor do I approve of the faux-prophetic Engrish lyrics, but I just want to hear it. I guess its captivating like that... At least its better than THIS-IS-THE-BEGINNING Eternity (of Blue Dragon fame).

You can listen to Cosmos here...

On a completely unrelated note... the popular local sketch parody production Chestnuts is back! Though I've never watched it before, peoeple I know who have watched it were raving about all its pop-culture parodies with a very strong local twist and amazing comic timing. Its quite rare because very few people can make fun of local pop-culture and make different people laugh at the same thing for different reasons.

In any case, I'm determined to catch this years staging at Victoria Theatre come February. Here's their promotional site thingy. Darkknuts

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