24 April 2009


I got another parcel today!

One that I've been waiting for.. for the past few days...
the stuff I ordered from Play-Asia.Com

Couldn't wait to open the parcel.. but strangely remembered to take pics...
and was greeted by bubblewrap :o oooh....

The stuff I ordered is safely wrapped up. It feels a little warm, but I think its ok.

I haven't revealed what I bought yet have I? Its the first edition press of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (the Blu-Ray one). And its special because it comes with a trial demo version of Final Fantasy XIII, not to mention some other trailers of FF13's Fabula Nova Crystallis stuff.

The packaging is sooooo spiffy...
The demo even comes in its own jewel case!

I haven't watched FF7:ACC yet. Its my first Blu Ray movie purchase haha.. I'm more excited of FF13s demo.. and I've tried it halfway so far... Its nothing short of amazing.

Amazing graphics? Check.
Moving musical score? Check.
Goosebump test? Check.

And this is just the trial version. According to what I've read, the actual release of FFXIII will be pretty different because the demo is based on an old build of the game. And its apparently running at only 1/2 the game's actual processing power.
Impressive stuff. I can't wait for the game to release (in Japan) at the end of the year.. and then in the US next year.

Ok.. time to check out the Blu-Ray quality of FF7:ACC

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