03 June 2009


I'd been hoping to hear some big announcements being dropped at the annual E3 event thats going on in the US at the moment, but this next one really took me by surprise.

Final Fantasy XIV (thats 14 btw) was unveiled to be next-generation MMORPG that Square Enix had been developing over the last 2 years. Set for release on the PS3 and Windows in 2010, it looks absolutely gorgeous...
Here's the trailer.

I had initially hoped that the new online game by Square Enix wasn't related to Final Fantasy (so I wouldn't have to play it) because I had once told myself I wasn't going to play any online games after FFXI. Anything from the FF main series tho, is an exception.
I'm also looking forward to this new online game by Square Enix because aside from the souped up graphics, I'd think they've learnt a lot about how online games work over the 7 years of managing FFXI, and would put that knowledge into practice from the ground up in FFXIV... so I can't wait for it.

FF13 and 14 releases in less than a year apart from each other. Final Fantasy is coming back with a bang. Yay. More to play on my PS3.

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