15 July 2009

[FFXI] Progress thus far... Jul09

As the next version update for Final Fantasy XI draws near, I usually like to make it a point to note down my various progresses made in the game over the span of time between the previous version update and the upcoming one.
(whilst this is kinda geek-overload, its also an easy way for me to do post count +1!)

Whilst there probably is too much for me to recall, here are some of the highlights.

Level & Merits
Only leveled a bunch of jobs but did do well in clearing RDM merits (finally) and starting on DRG merits.

PLD -> 30
MNK -> 15
BLM -> 40

RDM Group II: 10/10
Paralyze II -> 4
Slow II -> 4

Polearm skill -> 8

DRG Group I: 5/10
Jump Recast -> 5

Lotsa equipment progress this time round. Really happy with some of the gear I got.

Monster Trousers
Pantin Babouches

BST AF+1 set complete
Drachen Helm+1
Nashira Turban
Nashira Gages (!!!)
Nashira Crackows

Guignol Earring
Oracle's Braconi
Aurum Sabatons
Enkidu's Mittens

Royal Redingote

Got to do a whole range of events over the last 3 months. Mostly stuff I've done before, like Proto-Omega, Proto-Ultima, Divine Might, Rank missions. Some were done to help others but its still all fun.

The newest leg of nation quests were awesome, and ACP wasn't so bad, even though it was too short. At least the final battle was fun.

I really got to do a lot more Einherjar and ZNM than before though.

For ZNMs I finally met some less-killed ZNMs like Ob and Chamrosh, and also finally killed Gotoh Zha in order to pop my own Tinnin, all of which went down really well.

With Einherjar, I saw more wing bosses that I've never met before and finally got to challenge Odin, although we timed out at 9%. We're confident we can get him down the next time though, so I'm REALLY excited about that one.

Mythic Weapon
For those who know well in game, they're likely to know that I'm trying to quest for my own mythic weapon, namely Summoner mythic Nirvana.

On a whole I think I've made considerable progress in the quests required to obtain the weapon although not particularly in order of the way the quests are to be done.

I'm still not done with the first quest that requires 8 NM titles, but I have made some progress with the 2nd quest of 4 paths. I now have over the 150k Nyzul tokens required to obtain the Wyrmseeker Areuhat book, and only need 20k more Therion Ichor to get Balrahn's Eyepatch.
I've also at least cleared Tinnin's path once, but didn't get Tinnin's Fang to drop :(
But still, great progress thus far...

I'm happy.

Soy feliz. Jo jo jo jo jo.

(no pictures this time round. lazy)

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