16 December 2009

[FFXI] Evolith / Hunt Registry System

Recently released for FFXI's December patch was the expansive Synergy and Evolith system. Synergy allows for new items to be crafted and etched so that Evoliths with bonus stats can be inserted in them. Some old equipment can also be augmented with Evoliths.

In a sense, this is FFXI's version of socketed equipment, but vastly more complicated.

Evoliths are currently obtained by completing Hunt Registry hunts, which involve killing various NMs all across Vana'Diel.

And below here, is my compilation thus far of evoliths found through this system so far.
For lack of a better common file format, I've chosen to use PDF for now. In future I suppose I will put up the MS Access accdb file for it, but not for now since it's still so messy.

List sorted by NM Name
List sorted by Evolith type
List sorted by Scyld cost

As information is still streaming in, I will make it a point to update every few days, so please be patient and I hope you find the database I compiled (and the way I presented it) useful.

Discernable Patterns:

◆ Diamond Evoliths:
Weapon-type WS bonuses.
Each weapon type (14 in total) has only ONE diamond Evolith drop, but its bonus is fairly unique.

▼ Inverted Solid Triangle Evoliths:
Weapon-type WS bonuses.
Each weapon type has 1 or 2 types of bonuses, which it can drop from 2-3 NMs, and the strengths of the Evoliths are different.

Sword: Atk +
Staff: Enmity - / Attack +
Scythe: Enmity - / Accuracy +
Polearm: Acc +
Marksmanship: R.Atk
Katana: Enmity +
H2H: Enmity -
G.Swd: Acc +
G.Ktn: Acc +
G.Axe: Acc +
Dagger: Atk +
Club: Atk +
Axe: Atk +
Archery: R.Acc +

▲ Solid Triangle Evoliths:
Vs Monster bonuses.
Each family has a set of 10 different Evoliths.

Acc/ Atk / Eva / Def / M.Acc / MAB / MDB / M.Eva / R.Acc / R.Atk

Some families appears to have a few of certain Evoliths whilst others only have 1.

△ Hollow Triangle Evoliths:
Magic-skill related bonuses.
Each magic category has only 2 bonuses, although they may be spread across elements.
Some categories have only 2 bonuses because they are only related to one element (eg. Divine, Healing)

Songs: Enmity - / Casting Time
Ninjutsu: Enmity + / M.Acc
Magic: Enmity - / Magic Crit
Healing: Enmity - / Casting Time
Enhancing: Conserve MP / Recast Delay
Enfeebling: M.Acc / Casting Time
Divine: M.Acc / Recast Delay
Dark: M.Acc / Recast Delay
Blue Magical (by element): M.Acc / MAB
Blue Physical: Atk / Acc

◎ Double Circle Evoliths:
2HR related bonuses.
Currently, all ◎ evoliths give Ability Delay bonuses to each 2HR ability. There are 2 of each kind, giving a total of 40 such Evoliths.

As usual, always taking feedback and comments. Feel free to point out errors.

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