22 June 2010

[FFXI] June 2010 Data Mine ( Part II )

This is part 2 of my data mine, which is usually for new graphic models and so on.

There's very little this time round, likely because most of it was contained in the last version update.

But, here they are anyway.


  1. Your dat mining AND posting of pictures make you my hero. I do have a question though.

    When you dat mine you can mine all assets like buildings too?

  2. Um.. I am able to look through zone dats, which do contain buildings, but its not something that I regularly dat mine for, mainly because the game has never added area dats to the game until the most recent update.

    Depending on what new areas the next Abysseas will (re)use, it might be a good idea to start looking through zone dats again.

    Hope that answers your question. Thanks for the comment :D