18 June 2010

Final Fantasy 9 comes to PSN!

This will be old news to any Final Fantasy fan who has been paying much attention to the rerelease of PS1 FF classics by now, but Final Fantasy 9 was recently released on the PlayStation Network Store.

On Tuesday to be exact.. for the US store, which is where I bought my re-released PS1 FF games. It seems as though it was timed with the start of E3, because for once it came out later than the EU version, which came out around the end of May.

But I'd say thats pretty fast, since the Japanese version came out on 20th May and FF7 and 8 took at least 2 months to reach the NA store.

Finally, I have all 3 PS1 Final Fantasy's playable again.

The FF fanboy in me screams with joy.

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