09 September 2010

[FFXI] Sept 9 Version Update Data Mine

It's Version Update Time!

Here's some stuff I've managed to find.

No new dat model additions to main expansion areas.
Will take a while to get to Abyssea ones.
Might be a few I missed if they shuffled those into the old dats cos theres a lot of new files in old folders that I didn't go through.

New Mobs:

First Iron Giant

(another angle)

Other Iron Giant
(2nd angle)

(side view)

New Caturae

also readded to main game: 

(specifically for Myriads)


Yaanei Crasher
Kutharei Unhorser
Sippoy Capturer
Titlacauan Dismemberer
Smok Defogger
Amhuluk Inundater
Pulverizer Dismantler
Dvalinn Deceiver
Karkadann Exoculator
Ulhuadshi Desiccator
Itzpapalotl Declawer
Sobek Mummifier
Cirein-croin Harpooner
Bukhis Tetherer
Sedna Tuskbreaker
Cleaver Dismantler
Executioner Dismantler
Severer Dismantler
Lusca Debunker
Tristitia Deliverer
Ketea Beacher
Wing of the Goddess (is this new? idk)

(Text is in white. Highlight to read)

By the Fading Light
Misssion Orders: The brighter future continues to fade even as the Crystal War rages on, the warring factions oblivious to the greater scheme of things. With a path ahead unapparent, Cait Sith proposes that you head to Xarcabard to observe how the struggle unfolds.

Edge of Existence
Mission Orders: The future heavily favors the world of strife, and nothing short of a miracle will help to turn the tide. Slim a chance though it may be, reviving Lilisette is the only avenue that remains. First you must seek the counsel of Atomos, the Devourer of Memories

Her Memories
Mission Orders: Fragments of Lilisette's memories lie scattered across the land. In retracing the footsteps of her past, the way may be revealed to you.

Forget Me Not
Mission Orders: Following an extended pilgrimage, you have managed to gather all of Lilisette's memory fragments. Make haste to the Walk of Echoes, where Cait Sith awaits.

Pillar of Hope
Mission Orders: Having absorbed Lilisette's memories, Atomos unleashed a blinding pillar of light in the direction of Grauberg. Head there without delay and ascertain the nature of this phenomenon.

Glimmer of Life
Mission Orders: The scattered fragments of Lilisette's memory have melded together, paving a path towards the brighter future. But will this be enough to stay the encroaching darkness...?

**Spoiler end**

Abyssea related.

New Atma from Fiends
Atma of:
the Clawed Butterfly
the Desert Worm
the Undying
the Impregnable Tower
the Smoldering Sky
the Demonic Skewer
the Golden Claw
the Glutinous Ooze
the Lightning Best
the Noxious Bloom
the Gnarled Horn
the Strangling Wind
the Deep Devourer
the Mounted Champion
the Razed Ruins
the Bludgeoning Brute
the Rapid Reptilian
the Winged Enigma
the Cradle
the Untouched
the Sanguine Scythe
the Tusked Terror
the Minikin Monstrosity
the Would-Be King
the Blinding Horn
the Demonic Lash
the Shimmering Shell
the Murky Miasma
the Avaricious Ape

Player-created (?) Atma
Atma of:
the Heir
the Hero
the Heavens
the Banisher
the Sellsword

the Truthseeker
the Azure Sky

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