09 November 2010

Say hello to Arciel

Spira is no longer. All that remains is Arciel.
I forgot to mention this earlier, but I seldom blog about my life in FFXI either.

So I guess I'll make a quick note of it to remind myself about it. A little over 3 weeks back, I world-shifted from Ragnarok to Ramuh server to join only the coolest pet-based linkshell in Final Fantasy 11, MonstersInc.

I'd always wanted to join them but commitments to my own server and friends made it difficult for me to leave. With FFXIV released and practically all my friends disappearing from FFXI, it seemed like an opportune time to try playing the game slightly differently.

Whilst Ragnarok will forever be my 'home' server, and I will always be Spira from Ragnarok (I made a placeholder), I must say my time spent on Ramuh thus far has been exceptionally fun and exciting.

MonstersInc is a fun LS and far more active than any LS I'd been in for the past.. I don't know.. year or two? I get a huge kick out of playing with them too since I absolutely LOVE pet-based jobs and in this LS we're given the opportunity to play them to their fullest. Because of that I've been actively playing XI a whole lot more than I used to, and I actually enjoy it muchly.

This also gives me the chance to change my character name to Arciel. Spira was already taken on Ramuh server, but all the better because it serves to unify my FFXI and FFXIV character names. I will however continue to list my character name on my resources as Spira, Ragnarok as a nod to my past on that server.

I really look forward to fun times ahead with MonstersInc. :)

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