09 December 2010

[FFXI] Dec 6 Version Update Data Mine

I was unable to do a data mine for the Dec 6 update due to laptop issues, but that has been partially resolved.. so I thought I'd still put something out.

While this is a few days delayed, here is a limited data mine for the update...
Included are the new mob models, since I don't think anyone else actually covers them.
I will probably include music files later on.

Major spoilers ahead.

New Abyssean mobs

Wings of the Goddess Missions:
Lady Lilith (battle model)

Lilith Ascendant
(yes, she looks like Altana)


  1. Many thanks Clarence for theses nice screenshots.

    I am glad to see that your laptop issue has been solved ^^

  2. Well I'll definitely be dat swapping Altana as Shiva...