22 March 2011

how Final this Fantasy?

Its been a while since I last posted anything about Final Fantasy.
I think it used to be that much of what I would talk about was FF, and maybe it got to the point where it seemed like the gaming franchise was controlling my life (maybe it still is!)

But anyways, I kinda wanted to blog about the direction FF is headed this year, being a fan and all.

Based on the release calendar for the year, there is a fair bit to look forward to.. Lets see here.


Dissidia Duodecim - can't wait for this. already have the Japanese version, but its a fighting game, and I quite like some of the voice acting in English (Shantotto oh hohoho)

Final Fantasy III on iOS - won't play this but its nice I guess.


Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection - finally FFIV and The After Years in a single bundle, on the PSP. I hope everything comes to PSP haha.. I'm such a Sony fanboy.

no release date set

Final Fantasy Type-0 - seems to be coming out really soon. On PSP too. Lotsa nice FF love for the PSP. Not sure how much of this I'll get to play with the time I have.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - oh I cannot wait for this. Any expansion on the world of FFXIII is welcome. Didn't feel like I got to explore Cocoon/Pulse enough.

the online stuff

Just last week, Square-Enix did the socially responsible thing and shut down servers for both FFXI and XIV to help the Tohoku region in Japan conserve power. Kudos to them.

Strangely, I think this has led me to develop an itch to play FFXI. I'd not had time to play it in the last 3 months, but now that I can't even if I made time for it seems to make me want it more. I'm also kinda looking forward to the updates this year. The eventual Lv99 cap is around the corner, and I hope there are more expansions or add-ons.

FFXIV, well, that will have to wait. I really hope it gets better, so that by the time it release on the PS3 I will at least want to play it for the story. My laptop can barely play it though, so I can't say its an enjoyable experience even if the game were good. It IS visually stunning though, but that is just about it.

related stuff

Lately, I've been spending a bit of time on the Final Fantasy wiki, creating and editing articles relating to FFXI because they're rather lacking and there don't seem to be many good FFXI contributors, if at all. I also put my expertise at FFXI graphic models into use, since they needed a lot of images.

Not surprisingly, with regular life and all this, I don't have time to play other games at all, but I'm satisfied.. haha.

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