09 May 2011

[FFXI] Version Update Dat Mining (May 9, 2011)

The version update is here!

Click here for more.

New Mobs

Readded Mobs

Hybrid Elementals / Poroggo / Orbitals / Mamool Ja / Lamia

New NPCs

cant tell if new lol
New Weapons

(Center is hollow)

New Armor


New Furnishing

New Titles

Hahava Condemner
Celaeno Silencer
Voidwrought Deconstructor
Devourer of Shadows

New Animations?

can't seem to fraps-record stuff. codec doesn't work. trying to fix that


  1. Wow, that blue outfit is gorgeous!

    Any chance I can get the dat numbers for that? :o

  2. im assuming you want the mithra version..

    body rom/264/4
    legs rom/264/5

    its part of 9th anniversary btw