24 April 2012

[FFXI] Test Server Dat Mine 20/04/2012

Test server updated a few days back.
Update notes seemed pretty routine but I still picked up a handful of new things.. 

Like this mob here.

Nothing much that was new.. just these 2 surprising mobs. 
Considering how Voidwatch is now over, it leaves me wondering where these 2 come from.
If anything I think both mobs could be found in snowy / cold areas...

First up. 

Its actions are so cute. Lazily sitting down and fighting, grabbing food from its pouch to eat, sniffing the air...
Could be related to Qiqirn lol.

And second up, what appears to be a Yeti!
Is that you Umaro? 

anyway, on closer inspection, you can tell parts of this model are adapted from the khimaira one.
still, very interesting!

also, heres a video

 And lastly, I picked up 3 new weapons. New because they have graphical effects on them.
The dagger and wand don't seem to be full time effects, but the scythe one appears to be.

And thats all for today.

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