22 June 2012

[FFXI] Seekers of Adoulin, our new expansion?

well well well...
Square Enix filed a trademark for "Seekers of Adoulin" yesterday, as first reported at neogaf in this thread.

The timing of it couldn't be more conspicuous.

Vanafest 2012, celebrating Final Fantasy XI's 10th anniversary is happening tomorrow in Japan, and fans are eagerly awaiting a surprise announcement during the event.

Of course, many of us already had some kind of clue as to what it would be, considering the discovery of the ROM9 folder which more or less confirmed some kind of new expansion in the works.
This trademark report pretty much makes it official.

After all, Adoulin Isle is a location that we already know of in FFXI.

Lets see what else we already know about Adoulin...

- Adoulin is an island situated to the west of the Middle Lands, across the Sea of Zafmlug.

- Adoulin is likely a part of the far west continent Ulbuka.

- Adoulin is in good relations with San d'Oria.

- It is home to Achtelle, one of the freelances in WotG campaign battles

Maruna-Kurina's notes on Achtelle reveal this:
Achtelle is a young Elvaan wyverness from Adoulin Isle to the west, the proud keeper-weepers of the last of the dragoon tradition. The draketamers there herald her as the most skilled of their order.

- a community of dragoons thrive in Adoulin unlike in the Middle Lands.

- Vhino Delkahngo, a campaign battle commander for Windurst, hails from the west, though it isn't specifically said where.

- The exorcists Roger, Gertrude and Brian who appear during Harvest Festival (Halloween) seasonal events hail from Ulbuka.

- Roger has talked about Adoulin before, claiming that there are libraries there that rival Windurst's. This supports the assumption that Adoulin is in Ulbuka.

- Ulbuka has a distinctly Native American influence to it, as evidenced by equipment and items that originate from the region, such as the Bison Jacket set and Totem Pole.

...and thats pretty much all we know right now.


what should we expect?
if it isn't at least a new add-on with zones, its a totally new expansion.

We're already getting new zones. Will we be seeing new jobs again this time round?

I think we just might.

Time will tell. We should be able to find out in less than 48 hours.

UPDATE: Seekers of Adoulin has been announced at Vanafest 2012. Read more here.

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