11 November 2012

Final Fantasy XIV - The End of an Era

Just a little over an hour ago, the servers for Final Fantasy XIV went down.

I had to be there to see it, of course.
As someone who has been closely watching the game grow since its initial alpha through to the problematic early days of going retail, all the way till its eventual move to a complete reboot.. I must say, this is an exciting milestone in the history of the game.

Whilst I can't claim to have played very much of this game (due both the my fear of it stressing my hardware, and to the fact that the game in its present form isn't that good), I do know enough of about what's been going on with the game to stay relevant, and have occasionally popped in to run around and see what has changed.

But now that is over.

With the servers down, the next big step is having A Realm Reborn, the version 2.0 client come to the forefront. It's currently in its Alpha phase but from all that we've seen about it, it looks set to please both MMO fans and series fans.

It is definitely something to be anticipated.

In the meanwhile, we bid a teary farewell to Eorzea of old, as the moon meteor Dalamud, descends upon it as the people make a final confrontation with the armies of Nael van Darnus.

This is one epic trailer.

And I love the song too. It's "Answers" by Susan Calloway.
It hasn't seen an official release yet...
but if anyone is interested, I have it here.

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