13 December 2012

[FFXI] Seekers of Adoulin - spoil me

(Seeing as a good number of readers are also from Japan, I'm going to try to make this post bilingual.)

This post is to document all the things we know about Seekers of Adoulin before the expansion releases, that can be found in the dats.


Spoilers may lie ahead in this post.

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Zone Names エリアの名前
(Proto-Waypoint dats)

Western Adoulin - 西アドゥリン
Eastern Adoulin - 東アドゥリン
Yahse Hunting Grounds - ヤッセの狩場
Ceizak Battlegrounds - ケイザック古戦場
Yorcia Weald - ヨルシア森林
Marjami Gorge - マリアミ渓谷
Foret de Hennetiel - エヌティエル水林
Morimar Basalt Fields - モリマー台地
Kamihr Piedmont - カミール山麓

Other Terms その他

Likely within Western Adoulin - たぶん西アドゥリン中

PCK Coalition - ピースキーパー・ワークス (PCK = peacekeepers)
SCT Coalition - スカウト・ワークス (SCT = scout)
Soldiers' Promenade - 大閲兵場
The Jungle - 波止場
Mog Resort - レンタルハウス前
Auction House - 競売前
Sverdhried Hillock - スヴェルドリード坂
Coronal Esplanade - 太陽の広場
Adoulin Castle Gates - アドゥリン城門前

Likely within Eastern Adoulin - たぶん東アドゥリン中

COU Coalition - 中央広場(クーリエ・ワークス)(also central square, COU = courier)
POU Coalition - パイオニア・ワークス (POU = pioneer)
MUM Coalition - マッマーズ・ワークス ((MUM = likely mummers)
INV Coalition - インベンター・ワークス (INV = inventor)
The Silver Spoon - 競売前 (is apparently in front of an auction house)
Mog Resort - レンタルハウス前
The Big Bridge - ビッグブリッジ前
Airship Dock - 飛空艇発着所前
Adoulin Waterfront - アドゥリン港

Frontier Station - 開拓村
Frontier Bivouac 1 - アウトポスト1
Frontier Bivouac 2 - アウトポスト2
Frontier Bivouac 3 - アウトポスト3

Observations (this part only in English sorry)

Coalitions are likely the new "guilds" they mentioned at Vanafest.
In line with previous information, there are 6 coalitions.

which are most likely (from left to right, top to bottom)

Information Guild -> POU Coalition (Pioneer)
Exploration Guild -> SCT Coalition (Scout)
Security Guild -> PCK Coalition (Peacekeepers)
Amusement Guild -> MUM Coalition (Mummers)
Transportation Guild -> COU Coalition (Courier)
Workshop Guild -> INV Coalition (Inventor)

POU and SCT mean kinda the same thing.. so its possible that might not be right.

Names in English/Japanese don't line up 100%. Some entries in are swapped but correspond, whilst others have different names altogether.
-> The Jungle is called 波止場 (hatoba). It means wharf or jetty.
-> Mog Resorts are called Rental Houses in Japanese.
-> The Silver Spoon is labeled 競売前, which means in front of the auction house (maybe its nearby).

That is all for now.

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