13 June 2008

[FFXI] The Zeni NM System

The Zeni NM system, also known as ZNM in short, was introduced to FFXI as content from Treasure of Aht Urhgan. It is the first system in FFXI which requires players to buy pop triggers with a new currency (Zeni) and to trade trophy drops back to the NPC for key items that would track tier progression.

Trigger drops from T4 are not 100%, its been said to sit around 10% drop rate.

PW is able to 'shapeshift' into other mobs. The lamps (skulls initially) also 'shapeshift' according to whatever Pandemonium Warden shapeshifts into.

Detailed info about PW was taken from Ruke's blog.

PW has been popped and killed multiple times across servers.

Feel free to leave feedback, comments or point out errors :D


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