12 March 2009

[FFXI] Salvage

Salvage. An instanced event that was introduced to FFXI as content from Treasure of Aht Urhgan. It is the first instanced progressive dungeon in FFXI.

I made the Salvage drop overview probably 2 years ago, but then adapted it to the new chart size format a few months back. It was just sitting in my laptop (which was being serviced) so I decided to spiff it up and release it. Theres a small section on pathos and trading rewards for this as well but it will be attached to the next page (Nyzul Isle + ToAU HNM) in the general endgame guide I'm compiling. That one will probably be released next.
Maps were taken off wiki cos I was too lazy to make my own from scratch.

Feel free to leave feedback, comments or point out errors :D

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