11 May 2011

[FFXI] Voidwatch - Part I : The 3 Nations

Voidwatch is a new battlefield system introduced in Final Fantasy XI.
It takes battle concepts used in Abyssea and Voidwalkers and places them in individual battlefields out in open zones.

The above chart is an overview of part I of this battle system. All drops have been accounted for.

v1.0: For future-proofing purposes, I have decided not to include overall spectral alignment caps that factor in periapts. Also, a weakness-targeting section is added - most info extracted from BGwiki, kudos to them.
v1.1 corrected info about staggering.
v1.2 added EX weakness, fixed typo
v1.3 changed format a bit. changed atmacite for Celaeno in accordance with VU. Likely the final version.

For list of weaknesses, I recommend Slycer's spreadsheet found here.

Made with the support of bluegartr.com


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