20 September 2011

[FFXI] Voidwatch - Part II : Jeuno and Zilart areas

The 20th Sept 2011 update introduced Part II of the Voidwatch system.

Click here to view Part I of the Voidwatch system.

It is split into two different paths, the Jeuno path, which requires completion of Part I of the system, and the Zilart path, which does not require anything.

Preliminary charts were only made possible this early on in the update due to the presence of the Test Server. With that, I was able to find out relevant information about the 2 systems even before they went live here.
But as a disclaimer, any changes made between test server version and the current have not been made known or highlighted so until then the information is taken to be accurate.

v0.1 : map for Quicksand Caves coming soon. I just got my Loadstone so I can scout without a Galka.
v0.2 : all maps added. more drops listed.
v0.3 : more drops added.
v0.8 (Zilart) : only minor errata and clarification left to be made.
v0.9 (Zilart) : added details on quest progress
v1.0 (Jeuno) : no further updates are likely to be made.
v1.0 (Zilart) : rearranged sections. 
v1.1 (Jeuno) : clarifying and making changes for quest progress.
v1.1 (Zilart) : error with Gushing Spring, pointed out by Trigun. thx.
v1.2 : Likely the final version

Made with the support of bluegartr.com

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  1. I'm currently doing Voidwatch with my group, and as the leader, I find these charts very helpful as reference. Thanks for making them!