21 December 2011

[FFXI] Voidwatch - Part III : Jeuno II

The 14th December 2011 update introduced Part III of the Voidwatch system.

View Part I and Part II of the Voidwatch system.

There is only one main path, which is a continuation of the Jeuno path set out in part II, which is why it starts off at Tier 4.

At Tier 6, there are 5 NMs instead of 3.

v0.1 - first draft. let me know if there are mistakes. will do up the exp/cruor and how to obtain later, along with atmacite list and periapt effects. maps added / drops updated.
this is just a version for people to work with until i can get more stuff done.
v0.2 - much fuller version. all drops in. quest details, atma and periapt added.
v1.0 - everything else added. may be final version.

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