16 June 2012

[FFXI] The New Skillchain Chart

I have been getting numerous requests for an update of my previous skillchain chart with post 75 content...
Sorry I took so long, but I'd been putting it off till 99 so that I can do everything in one shot.

All the new info didn't fit in the old format so I tried something slightly bigger (1920x1080). It's now HD lol.

I have included a PDF version of this (in the best size I could find).

New Skillchain Chart 1.0 [ pdf ]

As there is a lot of new info (and I did this in 1 day), it is prone to having errors, so please do point any mistakes out so that I can work out any errata into the next version.

Depending on demand, after that is done I may also make a "lite" white background printer-friendly version.

the presentation of skillchains is based on Adennak's original version.
info on weapon skill element priorities mainly taken from ffxiclopedia and in some cases bgwiki.

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