14 November 2009

Leona Lewis's "My Hands" in FFXIII!?

Oh my goodness.

It seems an announcement has just been made about Final Fantasy 13.

One which firstly states that 9th March 2010 is the release date for both NA and EU versions of FFXIII (which is amazingly early, by the way. 3 months is the shortest ever in FF history)

And two, which announces that they will be using Leona Lewis's "My Hands", a track off her new album Echo as the theme song for the english version of FF13!

Wow. I'm actually really excited because...
I love Final Fantasy (anyone who knows me knows this lol), and
I love Leona Lewis. Her voice is so rich and powerful, and the song is really pretty nice. Its soulful and has emotional depth.

Its really hard for me to believe that 2 things that I like are "combining powers". I bet the end result will be awesome.

I'm still not too sure how this theme song will fit in with FFXIII, but at the same time, I haven't played it yet, so its hard to tell, but I do know that I already like it, so I'm really happy with this announcement. I hope the game version gets a rearrangement though.

Also, I hope that Leona Lewis will actually be doing another song for FF13, because the Japanese version gets a theme song and an insert song. It'd be amazing if Leona gets to work on new material especially for FF.

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