09 November 2009

FFXI in pictures (Jul-Nov 09)

Whenever a new Final Fantasy XI version update rolls near, I'll usually make a post summarizing what I've done in the game since the previous update, but it seems I forgot to do that for quite a few updates.

Anyway, this is one of them.. starting from the July update of 2009.

As the update hit, I started on doing new Wings of the Goddess missions first.
The cutscenes, as always, are excellent. Storyline is great, and I really can't wait for the next set of missions. Too bad it'll take a while to come.

Then worked on the new add-on scenario A Moogle Kupo d'Etat. The battlefields were surprisingly challenging and not so straight-forward, which I enjoyed. The story was ok, but it was meant to whimsical so it did pretty ok. It didn't feel as short or as much of a forced fetch-quest as ACP did, thankfully.

Here's me getting new headgear from AMK
It's nifty looking and really helps me with multi-hit WS now.

After which, I proceeded to try exploring the new areas, including Campaign.
Amphipteres are amazingfun. Xarcabard and Beaucedine [S] make places like Arrapago Reef and Mamook seem like walks in the park. Campaign there is like on steroids.

And also trying the Fay weapon quest.
Got a nice Fay Crozier for SMN.

Getting my Campaign rank up...

Trying the new Raise-your-Goblin MMM...
Fun but not really my kind of thing.

Beyond that, there really wasn't anything new for me to do, so I went back to doing my usual...

giving me SMN AF+1 Horn

garnering me my Balrahn's Eyepatch, Omega Ring and Dalmatica

Lowbie EXP
MNK -> 28 now

The occasional Salvage


Soloing mobs that drop NM pop triggers...

And killing the NMs
..that refuse to drop the stuff you want...

A bit of Dynamis.
I finally got my Summoner's Horn from Dynamis-Tavnazia after years of horrible drop rates in Dyna-Xarca.

Overall I got a lot of stuff done, which is surprising since I really play a lot less now than I did before. But not that I'm complaining of course.
Can't wait for the next version update later.

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