25 December 2009

A Belated Happy Birthday Spira!

I'm back! And thats because I'm done with Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese. It's a great game and I really enjoyed it. I didn't clear the side quest stuff because usually I leave that for the English version.

Anyway, I forgot to make a birthday post for Spira, my FFXI character. Believe it or not, as of the 11th of December 2009, I've been playing Final Fantasy XI, on and off (mostly on) for SEVEN years.

Quite like last year's birthday post, but with more text, a short trip down memory lane is in store. I was thinking of doing a full trip down memory lane thing when FFXIV is about to release - it takes more time to get that sorted anyway.

Here goes.

2003 - This pic was taken when my character was less than a week old. It seems like such a long time ago, but my memories of the game from this time are among the most vivid.

2004 - I've come a very long way since last year, but still no 75 yet. The journey still felt fun enough to take slowly. Here, I'm playing my first job - Red Mage.
I chose it because I thought it would be a jack-of-all-trades. How little I knew back then.

2005 - Finally had my 75 by 2005, but this was on my favourite job. My so called dream job when I first unlocked it, the Summoner. Summoner is still my real main job, even though I've shared my love for pets to other jobs. I think this says something about the managerial side of me.

With 2006 came Treasure of Aht Urhgan, and I was drawn to the Puppetmaster job, because of the pet. I knew straight away I wanted to play this as my third 75. I just didn't know it would suck that badly for quite some time. It's an immensely fun job but the amount of effort required to get it really good is more than I could handle thus far.

2007 - Wings Of the Goddess was released! By this time I had already leveled Dragoon to 75 and was working on my Beast Master, which is featured in this picture. Beast Master was also fun, but its a slow job to level because of all the soloing. Took a bit of patience to get used to, but I like this job. I only wish I had more reasons to use it.

2008 - End-game had been treating me well in 2008. I managed to kill a whole lot of stuff I'd always wanted to. In this year I decided to use my Dragoon to take the annual picture because it had missed out previously.

2009 - This year.
I didn't realise it when I took the picture, but this year's job is the same as last years. In fact, you can barely tell the difference between the two years since my equipment has hardly changed save for the pretty new Sarissa lance that I'm sporting, that was introduced a few weeks ago.

and with that, a little fashion show of my 5 jobs at 75. I decided to put on nice shiny gear, or just gear on all my 75 jobs whilst sorting equipment out, so heres the pics of it.

"My name is.. Summoner Spira, and don't you forget it."

For all your Refresh needs. My Red Mage gets used most of the time.

The Dragoon. My favourite DD job. Ok, my only decent DD job. Check out the pretty lance! :D This is TP Gear by the way, but it hasn't been retweaked.

The humble Puppetmaster. Although I never had time to do it properly, I'd aimed for making my PUP focused on magic damage and nuking. It's mostly automaton bonuses and INT gear.

He may cheer, but my Beast Master rarely gets any action at all. I don't really feel inclined to use it until its either better, or has a new specialized use - and it doesn't.

Well then, thats all from Spira this year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D

Look forward to next year's installment, which will also feature Spira in FFXIV XD

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