14 January 2010

The New FFXIII English Trailer and My Hands

There's only about 2 months left till the English release of Final Fantasy 13. Whilst I've already completed the game in Japanese, I look forward to playing it again in English because this time I'll be able to better absorb the flavor of the language used, the voice acting and the English portrayal of the characters.

Anyway, a new English trailer was just released, and its looking really good.

This time round it also includes the English theme song for the game, My Hands, by Leona Lewis, so we have a feel of how it sounds with the game for once. I'm not the least bit worried about the localization work to be honest, but am eagerly anticipating the English voice acting.

If the quality of English VA is anything like FFXII's, then I think FFXIII will really be a stellar game. So far, it looks really polished and I see they're applying accents to characters to differentiate their cultural background as well. And they've also changed the meaning to a bunch of lines to sound more natural contextually in English.

It's really good. I can't wait.

On another note, I should totally do a post entry on my review of the Japanese game.

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