12 July 2011

[FFXI] Sudden Version Update Datamine (12/07/2011)

This new version update came with some interesting surprises. I guess it's also a hidden prep update.

some look old, but I assure you they were newly added in some way.

Head Eq
I'm assuming for upcoming sets

(this last one looks like it was readded)

Body EQ
Same as Head, tho maybe the green one is for Summerfest

New mobs you won't see for a while.

(the accessories are different)

New Spells / JA added
You're not likely to see any of these for a while.. but its nice for those who are curious
Especially BLU who wanna know what spells are coming up soon

Here's AltanaView and ModelViewer with updated lists.
credit for these go to Mr_McGregor


  1. blu spells - seems like we definitey get Thunderbolt from behemoth. the water one that causes silence maybe Waterbomb from porrogo's. the one with a skull is probably doom? maybe Supernova from Shinryu. thanks for the info, cant wait for the update ^^