02 September 2011

[FFXI] First Test Client Model Dat Mine highlights


So, I was on holiday when the test client came up and didn't get to look at the files until now..
And some of the stuff are things that already made their way into the prep update.

But there are a few minor notable things that were added.. so I'll show them here.
The rest of the new stuff is just animations.. although I'm pretty sure I spotted a few Cait Sith BPs and the next Fenrir BP in there.

A new (? not sure if really new I don't fish) fishing rod design, with animation for all races.

A pair of mandragora wands. One of them is in a conductor outfit. Cute stuff.
There is also musical note animation that accompanies it, I'm guessing when you attack stuff with it.

Not going to do a video of the animations cos there are too few notable ones, and too many indistinguishable ones.

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