05 June 2013

[FFXI] Test Server Graphic Mining (04062013)

Just a few things I found that seem new on the test server...



Chicken eagle. 2 angles.

This one is likely called Zapdos Hurcan... bird Naakual, 2 (similar) angles.

likely the Plantoid Naakual... Yumcax, 2 angles.
for some reason kind reminds of Exdeath lol.

A new plant obstruction, probably a Lair thing.

Qiqirns make a return.. (this was in ROM9)

Arciela gets a battle model.

And antogonist looking guy gets a model.

And finally, some random painting.

where to find em.

all ROM9...

0/108, Hurkan
0/123, Bird
0/38, Yumcax
0/78, Plantoid (previously found, not shown)
1/110, Mysterious Man
1/112-113, Qiqirn
1/124, Plant
1/70, Arciela (Battle)
2/71, Painting

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