02 June 2013

The Future of Final Fantasy

As a Final Fantasy fanboy, this year's E3 is probably the most exciting event in the console gaming calendar for me since Final Fantasy XIII was announced. (that was at the E3 of 2006).

Why? Because the next generation console Final Fantasy is going to be announced then!
Also, we're going to see developments coming from Lightning Returns: FFXIII, FFXIV, FFX/X-2 HD remakes and the fate of Versus XIII.

Here are a few things I hope will happen:
...that the next-gen FF will not be overly futuristic.
...that Versus XIII will be re-titled as FFXV and release as the final FF title on the PS3.
...that the iOS version of FFV (and in future FFVI) will be ported over to the PSN store for PSP.
...that FFXII will also get a HD remake, though the chances of them announcing it now is kinda low.

As for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, I've seen how far its progressed and really hope that it will relaunch with great success. The development team has really put in a ton of effort and XIV deserves to be the dominant next-gen MMO in the market today.

It's been over 2 years since the release of legacy XIV which failed pretty badly for numerous reasons. If anything, Square Enix has definitely learnt some very expensive lessons from XIV, hopefully for the better.

...looking back at 1.0 XIV, I think probably the best thing that came out from it was the soundtrack. Even though most of the tracks were not exactly fitting for an MMORPG, they were still crafted in the signature catchy Uematsu style, and his vocal tracks are still as stellar as ever. Who could forget the stunning vocal performance by Susan Calloway in Answers?

Speaking of Susan Calloway, she'll be performing at the Distant Worlds concert in Atlanta on the 7th and 8th of this month, so you might as well catch her live while you can.

Anyway.. E3 2013. Can't wait!

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