12 December 2010

[FFXI] Abyssea - Altepa

This is my first map for Heroes of Abyssea.

Doing this map was extremely tedious as my laptop died on me and the usual resources and template I work with were all trapped in there, so I decided to start from scratch on my Mac. And I think it looks pretty good so far, considering the circumstances.

Since I've gotten my laptop back, the map is no longer in 'temp' version.
Pop locations for Shaula / Rani / Emperador might be slightly off since I guesstimated those from info, other than that it should be fairly accurate.

Hope this helps paint a clearer picture of Abyssea - Altepa and the Dominion structure.


  1. how did you find out rani is popped? (sorry if this is double post!)

  2. i based all the stuff i put on my maps from wiki and forum postings.
    that rani is popped was reported in BG forums a few days back

  3. Many thanks Clarence for this great work.