17 December 2010

[FFXI] Abyssea - Grauberg

Here's the 2nd map I've done for Heroes of Abyssea.
I'm leaving the headache that is Uleguerand for the last.

Grauberg is a fairly nice zone to do. Progress is pretty good too. Only a handful of NMs left to work out.

I've introduced a few new changes here that will eventually find themselves in all the older maps (once I can get my hands on the originals again, in my faulty laptop) - the one I like most being the unavailable 'lights' from each mob. This is based entirely on what I can get from forums and wiki, so if no one mentions anything I'll probably miss it out.

Since I've gotten my laptop back, the map is no longer in 'temp' version.
Enjoy and point out errors for me please.


  1. Hi Clarence. Many thanks for this very usefull map ^^

  2. Thanks for all the effort
    Waiting uleg one ^^
    A nice addition to the maps would be a mark to show wich keyitems can be obtained via gold chests

  3. thanks for the comments and the idea..
    i'll try to add that into the maps somehow