24 December 2010

[FFXI] Abyssea - Uleguerand

Here it is, the 3rd and final map for Heroes of Abyssea.
And with it, I've completed maps for all 9 Abyssea zones, pending updates/error fixes - and I'll need to adjust these Mac made maps with a bunch of templates that have been used for the first 6 maps before they'll be "officially" complete.

Since I've gotten my laptop back, the map is no longer in 'temp' version.
Pop locations for Isgebind / Apademak might be slightly off since I guesstimated those from info, other than that it should be fairly accurate.

Putting these maps together really took a whole lot more out of me than any other chart I've ever done for FFXI, and to think there were 9 of them. Right now I can finally say its all over, and I'm happy to say that the effort put into it shows.

But it wouldn't have happened without everyone's support and encouragement. I'm most thankful to anyone and everyone who helped me out by providing information, pointing out errors, suggesting ideas to incorporate into the maps and sharing my map with others.
Thank you.

Here's hoping I can contribute more to the FFXI community in the years to come.

Hope you find this map useful.

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