20 September 2011

[FFXI] Sept 20th 2011 Version Update

It's that time of the year again. Another major version update for FFXI.

Not exactly expecting a lot of new models and graphic assets this time round since a lot of it got picked up on the test server, but no harm seeing what we've got.

More under the cut.

Ok, almost everything I found was already added in the July update or Test server additions (click to see their dat mines).

The only thing entirely new that wasn't added in the test server either was Dynamis zone maps, which to me look identical to the real ones..
And this Caturae which was also in the test server already but I just missed the last time.

So here they are anyway.
(P.S. sorry was so disappointed didn't bother to crop around maps)
P.P.S, for those interested in the location of the new map dats. they're ROM/267/112-123

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